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Music Director - A. R. Rahman
Released - 2017
Total Tracks - 2 Tracks
Album Length - 9 min 42 sec

How Shah Rukh Khan G.ONE to CLASH with Rajinikanth Robot2 ?

Everybody is aware that film industry champion SHAH Rukh Khan was stunned with South champion Rajinikanth's spectacular Sci-Fi film mechanism (ENTHIRAN in Tamil - 2010) and had determined to supply an analogous Sc-Fi film, that he did with RA.ONE (2011).However despite a dearer budget, AN equal hi-fi lighting tricks, and multi-star solid RA.ONE, RA.ONE didn't accomplish even 100 percent of what Rajinikanth As mechanism did!What is stunning is that to induce his moving picture the ‘Midas Touch’ sovereign Rukh Khan had even requested the‘Thalivar’ Rajinikanth to try and do an anaglyph in RA.ONE, that he duty-bound. Tragically even Rajinikanth’s special look couldn't save the film from drowning.

Robot 2

Though monarch Rukh Khan had designedly terminated RA.ONE with associate open finish climax so he may simply launch its sequel however, unfortunately, the black debacle of the film at the box-office clipped all his wings to provide a sequel.However, currently, the excitement is that monarch Rukh Khan has expressed his need to form the sequel of RA.ONE and has even determined to call it G.ONE!According to a report in an exceedingly daily national newspaper monarch Rukh Khan has reportedly quoted, "Today, technology has modified. within the last five years, I even have learned plenty concerning technology myself. thus we have a tendency to are attempting to form it larger and higher. RA.ONE sequel is certainly happening. we are going to decision it G.ONE now."It looks monarch Rukh Khan is feeling hot and bothered ever since Rajinikanth’s sequel of the automaton (ENTHIRAN) has hit headline.

Robot 2

Robot 2 A Shankar and Shah Rukh Khan An Ego War

  • Shankar and SRK decide to come together for Robot but there was a crack in the relationships between these two due to a couple of reasons.
  • Shankar decides to make Robot as a regional movie.

Ra.One Commences simultaneously

  • SRK created bound to incorporate the script changes in Ra.One that he had urged to Ravi Shankar throughout mechanism story discussions.
  • SRK conjointly created certain to have a standardized train fight sequence thus individuals may be the decision on that graphics is healthier. this can be to point out case the prevalence of Red Chillies VFX.
  • During the ultimate stages of unleashing, SRK had approached Rajni to act in anaglyph role to create sure he will maximize the collections down south. Rajini World Health Organization felt indebted for obtaining the title
  • rights for "Robot" from SRK and was glad to come back the favor.

Robot 2

Bigger Than the Khan's "South Star Rajnikanth gives Bollywood  a run for its money"

MovieDomestic Opening Worldwide Opening 
EnthiranRs 56 croreRs 160 crore
Dabangg Rs 48 croreRs 90 crore
3 Idiots Rs 38 croreRs 90 crore
My name is Khan Rs 30 croreRs 85 crore

In Robot 2 this is no tiny accomplishment for Shankar and also the team to create a Tamil picture with such atiny low market to beat Associate in Nursing all-India biggest budget picture by a mile. Salute to Shankar for such an enormous accomplishment and additionally for having the decency to not go around bashing SRK publically and media at the time once the difference erupted. additionally SRK should be astounded at the large content mechanism - two (ENTHIRAN-2) is generating therefore to bank on constant content he has set to create the sequel of RA.ONE very little realizing he's competitory with the fatal combination of the good actor Rajinikanth and also the genius movie maker Shanker.It may be noted the couple ar famed for minting gold whenever they joined hands. keep in mind – the blockbusters, SIVAJI (THE BOSS) and ENTHIRAN (ROBOT).

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Why Salman Khan wishes Rajinikanth & Akshay Kumar for Robot2 ?

Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0, coordinated by Shankar, had its amazing first look dispatch a day or two ago in Mumbai. The film which has been made on an immense spending plan is presenting some Hollywood-level advancements in India. Furthermore, the whole group is vouching for the same.The fabulous occasion was sorted out at the Yash Raj Studios and was facilitated by movie Enthiran 2 producer Karan Johar. In any case, the unexpected component remained the passage of Salman Khan.
The performing artist, who showed up on the occasion said that he wasn't welcome to go to the soiree yet couldn't stop himself when he came to think about it. Aside from Akshay and Rajinikanth, executive Shankar, music chief A R Rahman, sound originator Resul Pokutty and performing artist Amy Jackson were additionally present at the occasion.

Robot 2

Recognizing Salman Khan's exertion for visiting him at the dispatch, genius Rajini communicated how he's anxious to function with Khan. He said: I would love to do a film Robo 2 with Salman the day he consents to do likewise. I am prepared to work with him tomorrow.The Kabali performer was likewise brimming with acclaims for his co-on-screen character, Akshay Kumar, who's playing the scoundrel in the film. 
Discussing how Akshay has given one of the exhibitions of his lifetime, Rajini sir stated: "The legend of 2.0 isn't Rajinikanth yet Akshay Kumar. Had I been given a shot, I would have taken that (Akshay's) character". Hats off to Akshay that he worked so hard. It's a splendid part. The entire nation will be glad for Akshay and discuss about robot 2 trailer download pagalworld.

robot 2 salman khan

4 interesting statements on Robot 2 Launch

  • On his hard work for 2.0:
In my 25 years of vocation, I have never put makeup yet in this film, unadulterated 25 years ka kasar (pura) hogaya. It used to take me three hours to put the makeup on and another hour to expel it. While they put makeup on me, I used to observe such huge numbers of films on TV.

  • On his reaction when Enthiran 2 was offered to him:
I am a patient person and with this motion picture, I have turned out to be more patient. On account of Shankar and Rajini sir that they thought of me. I was stunned when they picked me to act with him.

  • On having Salman Khan with them:
I would wish to impart Salman Khan for returning all the manner from Bandra and build this occasion special.

  • On Rajinikanth’s superstardom:
Rajini sahab isn't a big shot, however, a full galaxy (in himself). he's the swag of business. I still keep in mind his film cake had discharged and didn’t manage to try and do well at the Box workplace. thus he was known as all the distributors and gave the cash back. that's the important image of a big shot.

Robot 2

Box office Ranking Points 

Rajinikanth 950 points
Akshay Kumar  800 points
Aamir khan 1300 points
Salman Khan 1800 points

At Robot 2 launch while everybody has been talking regarding the supposed guests World Health Organization were invited for the primary look launch, there was one film industry actor World Health Organization was apparently not invited however stillborn by to would like Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar for his or her film.Salman aforesaid, "I wasn't invited. I detected they were doing this and that I set to come back to satisfy Rajini Garu."
As per reports that are doing the rounds, Karan Johar,Shah Rukh Khan and Kamal Haasan were presupposed to be a part of the solid and crew of two.0 for the primary Look Launch at the YRF studios however Salman Khan, being the gentleman that he's, anyway born by to would like the team sensible luck.

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Each Question About Robot2,Answered-FAQ

1. Is Rajinikanth the right choice for Enthiran 2 (Robot 2)?

Regarding acting hacks, Yes! Regarding age and physical make-up, No.
Will it work? Likely. We have a point of reference: Enthiran. Rajnikant doesn't have an incredible body for the character. Truly, who might manufacture a robot with a constitution of a normal moderately aged Indian man?

However, two things worked for him. He is a unimaginably decent performer and can pull off an exceptionally conceivable robot - I am not simply discussing the swag, villainy. I am additionally discussing the entire demonstration of smothering your mankind in the main demonstration and being a robot. He even figures out how to split empty jokes while keeping up his automated quirks.

Also, with a financial plan as high as Enthiran, it seemed well and good to have him - it gives the best likelihood to overthrow back the whole speculation.

2. What is your story prediction on Robot 2.0? 

It won't be justified, despite all the trouble.

Actually, sci-fi fans can concoct different decent plots and subsequent to experiencing such a large number of such plots any next plot will show up scarcely normal.
Many individuals speculated or talked about what might be the plot for Robot (1). In any case, what was made was a robot urgently endeavoring to get laid.

Sankar is an executive whose plots are not that solid and basically numb. In any case, he has that ability to get some glory and wow minutes and influence the undertaking to work. In this way, no pleasant guessings from my side.

3. What is your review of Robot 2 (2017 movie)? 

The robot is principally outlined as an unadulterated tribute to the moxy of Indian silver screen's imperishable hotshot, Rajnikanth. What's more, it's totally, wholeheartedly, cheerfully desi. Where else would you discover a saint who actually shoots with his fingers! What's more vital is the way that you really wouldn't fret when the projectile prodigies out of his index finger and hits the man in front in the head. Moment of death! Ha!

4. What Is the Release Date of 2.0 (Robot 2)? 

The release date of 2.0 (Robot 2) is 25th January 2018.

5. Will Shankar's “Robot/2.0” beat “Baahubali 2: The Conclusion”?

According to most recent updates, the film will discharge in 15 dialects crosswise over 7000 screens in India. Now that is a record that is difficult to reach! Indeed, even Baahubali 2 wasn't discharged in the same number of dialects as 2.0 will be. It's very obvious that 2.0 has figured out how to beat Baahubali 2 at this level.

6. Will Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar break all box office records 

It's a Diwali discharge. Annnny kind of motion picture discharged on Diwali is a certain shot hit.
Akshay Kumar is back in his negative part in the wake of 16 prolonged years. S. Shankar has never conveyed a tumble up until this point. A huge spending plan of 350 - 400 crores has conveyed India from Baahubali's 80th rank to a huge hop to the tenth rank in the Most costly non-English-dialect films Makeup and VFX in the film are most likely going to be at standard. Akshay Kumar's Crowman look got spilled while shooting for the Football succession.

The motion picture is releasing in 3D and Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Its prequel Enthiran as of now has set the desires This motion picture will be one of its kind in Indian silver screen where both the hero and the enemy will be machines. I trust the film will net 500+ crores in the household showcase, and at least 300+crores from International market. This record will be next broken when Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani will work together again for their third film together.

7. Will Rajini's 2.0, which is going to be the costliest movie ever made in India, break PK's record at the box office? Will Robot-2 beat the collection of PK and Baahubali at the box office?

The reputation of ShankarSivaji and Robot profited they did because of the sheer star energy of Rajini. So Shankar needs to break his own curse and think of a crackling content this time.

Rajini's blurring film industry stamina.ARRahman's present apathy towards Shankar (and Mani Ratnam).Bahubali has re-imagined the VFX scene in India and individuals will expect considerably more and preferable stuff over Robot brought to the table. This is a gigantic task.My profound respect for Rajini's star emanation still stands and I will watch this motion picture with an indistinguishable excitement from I have watched his everything different movies.

8. Will Robot 2 be a hit? 

The Robot 2 will be an extraordinary Hit. On the off chance that we see the on-screen character then the Bollywood lord is the fundamental saint in this film and Akshay Kumar (Bollywood Khiladi) is inverse to Rajnikant. In the event that two-two Bollywood stars in this film and the greatest chief by S. Shankar. The film has the most costly spending plan of 350 billion related to it and has outperformed Bahubali arrangement spending plan. so its simple to state that when this film will seek to release definitely moves toward becoming hit. you can check the most recent updates of Robot 2.0

9. Why is the release of the movie of Shankar Robot 2.0 so long?

It's basic, the group report the motion picture at the start of the year 2016, Nd has begun after creation 8– 9mounth before the declaration. Then they began shooting in 3– 4 months of 2016 Nd after a tight timetable they finish it shooting in April 2017… 

It's principally postponed bcoz it's not regular Bollywood masala sort film it's general is science grating so it's substantial reach in vfx 

That is the reason they right off the bat finished overwhelming vfx shoots so that they vfx group have much time to finish the work and then shoot another regular scene 

Finally finished the shoot of other digger scenes with the residual cast.Soo after the after creation work of 3– 4 months they release the trailer.

10. What is the meaning of 2.0 in a robot film?

In Robot film 2.0 means the form of a humanoid RobotThis new title, 2.O, is extremely fascinating as it may propose at the newly enhanced rendition of Rajini's Chitti The Robot from Enthiran. Likewise, the title 2.O bodes well in both Tamil and Hindi, and the creators don't need to search for another title for continuation of Hindi named Robot.

11. How did Robot 2 (2017 movie) get greenlit? What's the backstory of how the movie got made?

The almost 2-minute clip demonstrates the different phases of recording incorporating scenes with the motion picture's main for Akshay Kumar. Akshay assumes the part of Dr. Richards, a researcher, whose investigation reverse discharges on him and abandons him in a pathetic state - he resembles a pitiful variant of Birdman. There are looks of Rajinikanth as Chitti the robot, of the past film Enthiran. There are activity and dramatization (so far no sentiment in spite of the fact that we got a look at Amy Jackson) and all that different astounding fixings which makes Rajinikanth's film blockbuster. 

The music (made by Oscar-winning AR Rahman) in the video is obtained from Enthiran - maybe the producers would prefer not to uncovers how Rahman has changed 2.0 with his organization yet.

Watch the making of Rajinikanth's 2.0:

12. Why do you think Akshay Kumar is the King of Box Office?

Akshay Kumar has earned the tag of "Ruler of Box Office" inferable from the staggering achievement rate of his motion pictures throughout the years. It has been assessed that the aggregate gathering of every one of his motion pictures( both household and abroad) set up together is much more than 5000 crores. 

Other than his super hit movies, it is a verifiable truth that he, in a genuine sense, he is a "Khatron Ke Khiladi" as he is known for doing every one of the tricks in his films himself, with no stand-in. He is a decent on-screen character with great comic timing.Films like Airlift and Baby have set him in the association of astonishing on-screen characters while films like Phir Hera Pheri and Khatta Meetha have portrayed his unmatched comic timing.He is a decent artist and a healthy performer in the business. 

Henceforth he is genuinely the "King of Box Office".

13. Is Robot 2.0 Visual FX are going to be at least like Deadpool (They both have nearly the same budget of 52 million)?

The nature of VFX is likewise reliant on sellers who are working.. and in addition the time and spending they have been given. A few studios give amazing VFX yet they request time moreover. So it's imperative how well is arranging done. It's extremely normal that a number of studios will parallelly be taking a shot at the diverse groupings so they can distribute the work stack. A few times studios neglect to convey the normal quality then that work will get moved to different studios yet you are left with less time. So studios dismiss that sort of work since it ruins the notoriety and places them in tremendous weight. 
Coming to you scrutinize its unquestionably going to be better quality VFX as executive Shankar willing to do as such. As I said there various components which determine the nature of VFX. Let's seek after the best.