Robot2 'A Making India Digital’

Robot 2 India's big budget movies have taken concepts of foreign technology such as locations, technical team,visual effects technology.Rajinikanth's movie sequel to chartbuster 'Robot,' is a huge expensive movie with a difference that it's report totally in India all technical heads are Indians of this movie. Scheduled to be most luxurious Indian movie forever and composed for release in seven languages like Japanese, Korean,Mandarin and Tamil. This movie cost Rs 450-crore movie will be a really sequel to successful movie. The policy of making india digital is one of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's dream initiatives that pursues to inspire people in India.

robot 2

BJP members who tell about the record said by PM who had a talk with Rajinikanth later months back when work on film had just started and had recommended that the much-predicted 'Robot 2' can promote theme ‘Making India Digital’. The height to picturise this film in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium and the respite in movie city in Chennai.  The effort to give an innovative impression to movie has lead to huge making expenses, but features of footage will make many Indian forward from films to 3D screens. Generally, films are recorded in 2D after that converted to 3D. This film is using 3D technology and its presence is done for initial time in India.

Robot 2

  • Movie reflects Robotic technology 
  • Usage of mini helicopters for fighting scenes.
  • Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has a censured for movie release.
  • Akshay kumar says there will be usage of visual effects.
  • Movie is shot in Delhi and Chennai.

Robot 2

COO,Lyca Production Raju Mahalingam 2018
Group UK
VFX designer Srinivas Mohan
Techniques 3D

Robot 2 superstar Akshay Kumar, who plays the role of villain , also has a movie censured for release this year which is encouraged by the Prime Minister for encouraging making India digital dream.  The authority people has been interested to generalise India as a film shooting destination, and since 2014, the ministry of information and broadcasting is arranging up film simplification offices as a single opening for all permissions.There have been casual meetings between BJP leaders and Rajinikanth. As they are keen to increase its existence in Tamil Nadu, as the actor is most popular figure there and his home state.