Why Rajinikanth's Robot2 inspires latest Amul topical?

Be it political issues, or social issues or anything trending, Amul sets no opportunity to think of their version of the topic.The arrival of Rajinikanth’s Robot 2 is still over a year away and it as of now has buzz so solid around it, similar to its release this coming Friday. The main look of the science fiction film was revealed on Sunday, and the reaction it got is exceptional. 2.0 stars Akshay Kumar as the rival. Much same as the greater part of its other topicals, this too has a story and is amazingly adorable.One example of this incredible expectation for this film is Amul’s new topical.

Robot 2

It highlights Rajinikanth as the Enthiran, taking a hand full of butter and Akshay's charisma having all the butter with his hands.The topical additionally has a headline that reads as " Kya Robaat Hai" and a slogan, which says "Amul is not just for humans.We cherish Amul’s topicals, which sometimes take a crack at a sure argument and in some cases praises the lates trending topics.
 So obviously their latest recent had to celebrate the unrealistic film featuring Rajinikanth. The features read “Kya Robaat Hai” and like the film’s slogan “The world is not just for people”, Amul’s slogan likewise pursues “Amul is not just for people” as the topical highlights the famous Robot enjoying a scoop of butter. How charming!

Robot 2

  • '2.0’ is the first project which cooperated Akki and Rajinikanth.
  • It also symbols Khiladi Kumar’s debut in the Southern film industry.
  • He even shared his first look from the movie on Twitter saying ‘evil has a new face’.
  • Amul trusts that both the movies Enthiran 2.0 and Baahubali 2 are going to face rigid competition from each other.
  • Enthiran 2.0 is not really a huge budget movie when compared to the Hollywood standards.

Robot 2

Ad Type  Business to Business
Android App Amul Time 2.0
Sponsor Amul Trade Group
Product Amul Butter

In science fiction film, Robot 2 the brand took to its Twitter handle to share the topical and inscribed together with, "#Amul Topical: Akshay/Rajinikanth star "Among huge display and emotion, the first look poster of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar from Shankar’s 2.0 got launched in Mumbai on Sunday. “To work with Shankar is difficult. He is a perfectionist. That is the reason he is one of the greatest executives. 
This photo as 3D is a different experience. In any case, the fact of the matter is Akshay Kumar is the legend,” Rajinikanth said at the event.The Amul has launched an application similar to the movie name “Amul Time 2.0”.This story has not been altered by Business Standard staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.

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