Why Rohit Shetty changes release date of Golmaal4 for Robot2 ?

Ajay Devgan's vision design Shiva ay's significant clash with Ae Dil Hai Mushkil in the filmi world this Diwali, the on-screen character was good to go for a dispute again one year from now, as Golmaal 4 booked to release in the meantime as Rajinikanth's Robot 2.
Be that as it may, nobody can challenge a standard level of Rajinikanth Knowing better, Golmaal executive Rohit Shetty has chosen to change his release date of his motion picture and let the Tamil superstar have the Diwali weekend.Rohit Shetty had earlier announced Diwali 2017 as the release date for the fourth part of his motion film.

Robot 2

As per our reports that Shetty is himself a huge fan of Rajinikanth and respect for him, as he was too glad to shift his release date.However, it is only trading basis who say that Robot 2 will be released during Diwali 2017 as Shankar, the director of the movie, has not confirmed a release yet.
Shetty's earlier film Dilwale had conflicted with Bajirao Mastani last year and the result was not too enjoyable for the director. This could also be another reason for Shetty reviewing the release date. Akshay too just experienced a straight on conflict with Hrithik Roshan's Mohenjo Daro

Robot 2

  • Enthiran 2 appears to have a scope of Akshay Kumar is in the prime frame.
  • The much-built up clash between both the movies will not happen.
  • Rohit is certain that he won't release Golmaal 4 on the same day from 2.0.
  • ‘Golmaal’ series has a huge follower.
  • 'Enthiran 2.0' could make a huge dent in the business of ‘Golmaal Again’ in states like Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Robot 2

Golmal 4 Director Rohit Shetty
Enthiran 2 Director S.Shankar
Golmal 4 Release Date Not Confirmed
Enthiran 2 Release Date 25th January 2017
Robot 2 the first look teaser has not be shown by Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth and the posters reveal that the sci-fi film too will hit screens on Diwali 2017 It is unclear if the release date will be advanced or postponed now as the new date for Golmaal 4 has not been declared yet this also means that Akshay and Ajay are going head to head against each other next year and Rohit Shetty is perfectly happy with releasing Golmaal Again on any other day. And it will indeed be Golmaal 4 versus 2.0 next year  Another clash of titans, we say!

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