Why Akshay Kumar played the villian in Rajinikanth Robot2 ?

We are dealing with dealing with the dates. In any case, indeed, we'll be doing Ikka. - Akshay Kumar Very couple of superstars have really made for awesome opponents on screen. A long time after Ajnabee, Akshay Kumar is good to go to turn on his baddie mode for Robot 2, which is currently titled 2.0. The on-screen character talked with us about his purposes behind doing the film and why it spoke to him.Because scoundrels ke grant mein campaigning nahi hoti! (Laughs).Baby was sidelined at most honor works this year. Does getting a honor matter to you at all?Getting a honor, not getting a honor, how can it matter? There are times when I am made a request to report and give away a honor.. I can state it without perusing (Laughs Louds) It's a speculating amusement now.

Robot 2

What took you so long to make your presentation down South?

Which other on-screen character has gone South? Rajinikanth was dependably there and he came here. There have been a great deal of female performers who have done that. Be that as it may, among the male on-screen characters, I don't think any Bollywood star has done this before me. Without being affected, I will state I am exceptionally happy to go and act in a Tamil film. I am thankful to them for putting me there. Kuch milta nahi hai wahaan, Main toh kholta bhi nahi hoon. Main sirf dekhta hoon ki aage kaun baitha hai. Down South, they take our champions, however, they have their own particular superstars.

Robot 2

Do you figure it will acquire a trademark move?

  • Akshay kumar to break this myth and love to do more South Indian films.
  • He want to try a Gujarati, Bihari or Bengali film as well.
  • He said"Robot 2 won’t be my last Tamil film".
  • Audiences loved me playing negative characters before as well.
  • Rajinikanth felt Robot would hurt Big B's picture and requested that him not do it.

Robot 2

Akshay Kumar Role Evil Scientist
Technology VFX technology
Type 3D Type
Production Lyca Production

I’m sure. Baahubali was a good film and it worked wonders. There’s a lovely reason why I am doing this Robot 2. I loved the story of 2.0 and I find it important and relevant in today’s day and age. It has a social message. That’s why I love that script.Buzz is, the producers of 2.0 are planning to remake Ikka with you.We are working on sorting out the dates. But yes, we’ll be doing Ikka. Akshay further said that he agreed to do this film because he simply loved the script as it has a beautiful message. He refused to divulge any other details of the film.Meanwhile, Akshay Kumar is gearing up for the release of his upcoming action-drama ‘Airlift‘, which is set to hit the screens on 22nd January 2016.


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