How Shah Rukh Khan G.ONE to CLASH with Rajinikanth Robot2 ?

Everybody is aware that film industry champion SHAH Rukh Khan was stunned with South champion Rajinikanth's spectacular Sci-Fi film mechanism (ENTHIRAN in Tamil - 2010) and had determined to supply an analogous Sc-Fi film, that he did with RA.ONE (2011).However despite a dearer budget, AN equal hi-fi lighting tricks, and multi-star solid RA.ONE, RA.ONE didn't accomplish even 100 percent of what Rajinikanth As mechanism did!What is stunning is that to induce his moving picture the ‘Midas Touch’ sovereign Rukh Khan had even requested the‘Thalivar’ Rajinikanth to try and do an anaglyph in RA.ONE, that he duty-bound. Tragically even Rajinikanth’s special look couldn't save the film from drowning.

Robot 2

Though monarch Rukh Khan had designedly terminated RA.ONE with associate open finish climax so he may simply launch its sequel however, unfortunately, the black debacle of the film at the box-office clipped all his wings to provide a sequel.However, currently, the excitement is that monarch Rukh Khan has expressed his need to form the sequel of RA.ONE and has even determined to call it G.ONE!According to a report in an exceedingly daily national newspaper monarch Rukh Khan has reportedly quoted, "Today, technology has modified. within the last five years, I even have learned plenty concerning technology myself. thus we have a tendency to are attempting to form it larger and higher. RA.ONE sequel is certainly happening. we are going to decision it G.ONE now."It looks monarch Rukh Khan is feeling hot and bothered ever since Rajinikanth’s sequel of the automaton (ENTHIRAN) has hit headline.

Robot 2

Robot 2 A Shankar and Shah Rukh Khan An Ego War

  • Shankar and SRK decide to come together for Robot but there was a crack in the relationships between these two due to a couple of reasons.
  • Shankar decides to make Robot as a regional movie.

Ra.One Commences simultaneously

  • SRK created bound to incorporate the script changes in Ra.One that he had urged to Ravi Shankar throughout mechanism story discussions.
  • SRK conjointly created certain to have a standardized train fight sequence thus individuals may be the decision on that graphics is healthier. this can be to point out case the prevalence of Red Chillies VFX.
  • During the ultimate stages of unleashing, SRK had approached Rajni to act in anaglyph role to create sure he will maximize the collections down south. Rajini World Health Organization felt indebted for obtaining the title
  • rights for "Robot" from SRK and was glad to come back the favor.

Robot 2

Bigger Than the Khan's "South Star Rajnikanth gives Bollywood  a run for its money"

MovieDomestic Opening Worldwide Opening 
EnthiranRs 56 croreRs 160 crore
Dabangg Rs 48 croreRs 90 crore
3 Idiots Rs 38 croreRs 90 crore
My name is Khan Rs 30 croreRs 85 crore

In Robot 2 this is no tiny accomplishment for Shankar and also the team to create a Tamil picture with such atiny low market to beat Associate in Nursing all-India biggest budget picture by a mile. Salute to Shankar for such an enormous accomplishment and additionally for having the decency to not go around bashing SRK publically and media at the time once the difference erupted. additionally SRK should be astounded at the large content mechanism - two (ENTHIRAN-2) is generating therefore to bank on constant content he has set to create the sequel of RA.ONE very little realizing he's competitory with the fatal combination of the good actor Rajinikanth and also the genius movie maker Shanker.It may be noted the couple ar famed for minting gold whenever they joined hands. keep in mind – the blockbusters, SIVAJI (THE BOSS) and ENTHIRAN (ROBOT).

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